Red’s Progress

Red has been teaching me SO much and we are making some serious progress with our consistent work. My goals with him this winter are falling into place and I can’t wait to see more results. We have been consistent enough on our ground work that I can ask for more and in some areas speed it up.

I wanted him to become soft enough that we could become independent from the flag. We can now do with out the it but I still have to use the end of the lead rope here and there but he is taking the good deal more and more. He is really reaching his front over while clearing out the front quarters. I do have to be more consistent to make both sides equal, he still is a little slow going to the right. His showmanship spin is progressing nicely. He is keeping his weight back enough to cross over correctly.  His back up is getting softer I don’t even have to grip the lead anymore.

Even though we have taken a lot of steps forward we still have a lot to work on. One of my top goals is to be able to feel of him enough to incorporate a soft feel into our moves. I have trouble feeling of him when he shortens his chin.  For now I will develop my feel at a stand still and build from there.

Another goal is to be able to move his hind in all four ways. I may have to wear spurs for a bit to get him to respect my leg more when I try to move just his hind. I feel like I have to do to much kicking and I don’t want to do that so need an aid to show communicate clearer what I want and then I will be able to take away the spur.

Overall I’m so happy with our progress. I love this more and more everyday.  He has taught me so much in the four years we’ve been together and our bond is stronger then ever.


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